The refilling of the glass

Glass half full.

Glass half empty.

Glass needs filling.


I could have easily stayed in my ‘glass half empty’ state this morning.  When the sun is shining it feels far easier to shift to see the glass as half full.  But waking up with a pounding head with the continued blocked sinuses compounded by a fun evening with friends, limited sleep and grey drizzle hanging over the coast, I woke up crotchety.


Fortunately, I grew up with parents and married in to a family where half empty isn’t tolerated, or just simply not seen that way. More of an opportunity to fill up the glass with whatever you fancy to make it full again.


It was an opportunity for a lazy breakfast with fresh croissants and coffee.


It was an opportunity to get wet and wild in the rain and even wetter and wilder in the surf, an opportunity to blow away the cobwebs.


It was an opportunity to glide in on 10ft waves that make you feel like you are flying!


It was an opportunity to fill up and warm up on hot chocolate with marshmallows and flake toppings.


It was an opportunity to have lunch time snoozing.


It was an opportunity to wrap up warm, put up the wind breaks, dig holes, make water wells and walk home briskly.


It is an opportunity to eat early, watch a movie and feel good after filling up the glass with goodness.


the glass

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