the secret to success…

I do love starting a new book.  The crispness of the pages and the firmness of the spine.  Having always been a bookworm, for me it is the same as opening a present – the excitement of the unknown gifts in side.  I love the suspense of whether this book is going to be my new favourite…  turning in to a dog eared, well loved, well thumbed, soft, malleable book where pages fall open to the best bits.  It doesn’t matter whether it is fiction or fact, biography or story, or both.


The new book, called ‘bounce’ has set out it’s theory and plan to persuade me that there is no such thing as raw talent.  Which kind of saddens me… but the theory also says that success in anything comes from ‘opportunity and dedication’;  the decision to choose to pursue opportunities given to you or you come across and then the hard work and commitment to practice and perfect your craft or skill.  It states we are all equals, but those who put in the time, win.  10,000 hours is usually the winning number.


Interesting.  And with the end of the Olympics (I miss it! But grateful I can go to sleep early at least…), that seems to ring true from all the interviews and commentary from our Team GB medallists.


So while the romance of talent lost in this theory does sadden me, I find hope in the fact that if you want anything badly enough and are willing to make sacrifices, dedicate time to becoming the best, then it means I can do anything I want.


If I want to be a successful writer, then this project of writing daily is putting me ahead.  The fact that I love it, is a bonus.   In the hours of writing daily, I have learnt that when I write from the heart, without fear, with emotion and honesty then I write freely.


If I want to be a good mother to my children, then spending time with them, engaging with them daily without distraction is putting me ahead.   Today was a lovely day with the boys…  watching them play with their friends, doing what boys do best:  enjoying the outdoors, getting mucky, getting wet, laughing and having fun digging for treasure and cementing friendships.


Apply the same rule to anything I want achieve in, create the opportunity and commit to focussed dedication.  I can’t lose.



Usain Bolt

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