Foggy head

My head is thick with cold so there is not going on in my mind to off load, say, consider or ponder on..


So back to journaling questions just to probe, see if there is anything going on or needs addressing..


What went well today, what am I grateful for?

I got a doctor’s appointment pretty quickly for someone to see Tom’s ears. He is as deaf as a post and usually a sign that he has had a cold; not that you would ever know from Tom.  He never complains even if there is green gunk coming out of his ears or nose.


The washing machine hasn’t broken.  With Monday being laundry day (well sheets day, on top of daily washing), when I went to put in a new load only to find the drum full of sopping wet clothes and the lights flashing, I began to seriously worry.  As the Big Man reminds me every time I moan about the 3 loads a day– ‘aren’t you lucky you don’t have to wash everything by hand’… One thing to add to my gratitude list – along with love, oxygen, fresh water, food, living in a peaceful country (or at least one not at war), money in our bank account.


All the school shoes we ordered on line all fit!  No shoe shopping hell for me! YAY!


I got to speak to my Dad and he is happy … that always makes me happy.


Willy only had one tantrum.  I asked him to find a quiet place to go and fume and then come back when he was ready to apologise.


What would have made today better?

Willy not having any tantrums.  Or me not raising my voice at him…  I hate myself when I shout…  I feel like I have lost control.


No head cold and more energy, so I could have embraced the lovely day with a run…and met my friend for lunch.


A nice big slice of Willy’s birthday cake… but it was clearly so good, there is none left!  Which I suppose is a good thing really!


yep… not much going on in my foggy head.

IMG_9936 (1).JPG









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