The winds of change

The topic of change has been coming up rather a lot recently.


A few years ago and particularly when I was little, I really didn’t like change; I liked my routine, the way things were, safe within my boundaries and comfort zones.


That was until someone helped me see change as evolution.  Evolution has far less scary connotations.  It sounds exciting, the ability to adapt and be flexible and keep up with the times. ‘Change’ sounds quick and definite.  ‘Evolving’ sounds organic and natural.


‘Life gets better by change, not be chance’… that’s what my little inspirational notes said to me this morning…


Change is good.  Change is a decision to make things better.  All good things come from change.  And all change comes from within yourself, a decision to improve yourself.  Just as Jim Rohn says ‘don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.’


Which then lead me to re-listen to Jim Rohn’s philisophy’s for life – one of my favourites.  He talks about the winds of change, as well as the winds of disaster and opportunity and that all these winds blow on us all. The difference between us and our success in reaching our destination (the pursuit of happiness), is how we ‘set our sail’ in response to the wind.


My interpretation of the ‘setting of the sails’ is how we respond to change, our attitude and what we focus on, how we perceive the change and how we move through storms, how we move through calm, no matter how frequently we have to keep resetting the sails.


If our destination ends up being unhappiness, then all we have to do is remember that we just have to decide to change;  get to work to rig up the sails right and then push ourselves back out to catch the winds to take us to the right destination.  Happiness.

 Love this – it looks like Mumbo and DJ are waving me off as I rig my sails! 



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