The apple of my eye

It’s 2.20pm… and Willy’s little friends are about to join us for a small gathering at 3pm.  He is currently sat on top of the 7 foot wall, saying he no longer wants a party, that he is not coming down and that I need to CANCEL IT!




Rewind 7 years and that is pretty much what I can imagine Willy was shouting inside my big belly bump.




For a second birth, being stuck at 8cm dilated after 24 hours is pretty unusual.  He was not coming out.  So our gorgeous Scottish consultant decided it was time to get him out…. Kicking and screaming, William was going to be pulled out and we were going for an unplanned C section.


James donned the blue gown and cap, I was prepped and just as we were about to be wheeled off down to theatre my midwife announced that in the space of 2 minutes, I was now 10cm… and would I like to try for a natural birth?


10 minutes later, William Arthur James entered the world.  An enormous, swollen bundle and a healthy screaming boy of 9lb 10oz was presented to me and the third love of my life nestled peacefully in my arms, much to the surprise of the consultant who had come to find us.


And quite like his birth, 10 minutes later at 14.32pm on 21st August, 7 years on, Willy is off the wall, and quite happily waiting on the wall for his friends to arrive.


Fear of the unknown, of change…  the biggest difference between my two sons.  Tom Tom, happily throwing himself into anything with anyone, anytime and doing it with a wide smile. Willy, digging in his heals because of nerves, suspicion… making the choice to jump in only when he wants to, then doing so with gusto and the tantrums and the screaming all forgotten, the angelic smile miraculously wiping away all memory of the moments before.


My youngest son, the one who drives me to distraction with his tenacity, his persistence and stubbornness….


The little apple of my eye…


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