I am sitting in the car in one of my favourite spots.. A quiet road, the wind rustling the hedgerows. There is a lot of movement… But it is still. 
I love my home, and I love the hustle and bustle and unannounced visitors calling in. We have an open door policy… Anyone welcome, any time.
I love my home, and I love the times of day when the neighbours are away, the Big Man at work and the boys in school. I know my time will be uninterrupted and I can think freely, do or be whatever I need to be without feeling watched.
Today as I find my quiet space and quiet time, my thoughts wander to marriage. Marriage or relationships are like team work… Each person playing their part for the good of the whole.
As my thoughts wander, I let them… The symbol of ying and yang pops up and it makes me think of a relationship between 2 people. They can be total opposites, but still fit – like the curve edges of the black and white tear drops nestled together in the circle. But something has to connect them – a little characteristic reflected in the other to hold them strong. The dots of the ying and yang. The pins. 
Not really sure where I am going with this… But I read that sometimes, some thing you don’t like in someone else, is the bit reflected in you that you like the least… So really by disliking that person you dislike your self…
And so as I am on this journey of ‘self love’ and appreciation.. I read into that, you have to learn to like or love that quality, or admire and respect it or at the very least tolerate it until you can do better.
My head is fuzzy and I can’t swallow and my ears are leaky… I have the Big Man’s head cold. I think he is just about tolerating my weakness as much as I tolerated his this last week.  
So maybe my thought pattern in the stillness of this morning, in between the rustling hedgerows is trying to tell me to be kind to him while he is still tired and in recovery and perhaps he will reflect some of the kindness back…  And we can be a team again. 

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