Make believe

Today has mainly consisted of name taping, school shoe buying (6 pairs), wardrobe tidying, school bag packing, sneezing, nose blowing and Ironning in front of ‘Once Upon a Time’…
I love a good fairy tale. It seems we all love lots of fairy tales twisted in to one big tale!
Clearly the law of attraction is in play as every other line is ‘believe’, ‘believe’, ‘believe’!! 
My favourite.. From Glinda the Good Witch to the gloriously fabulous Wicked Witch of the West…
“Fate is funny… What do you believe? You shape your destiny. If you believe you are evil .. You will be, you are.”
To make one believe…. Make believe…. The imaginary…… Dreams…. Make myself believe…   My current focus in the present to make reality.
Although, it’s been a relief to busy myself today in ‘make believe’… A year ago felt like something from a bad dream: the day we said goodbye to Mumbo and the start of the toughest 6 months of my life. 

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