Brothers and a Medium

So two things on my mind this evening… my Angel son turned in to Devil spawn… and I made an appointment to see a medium.


It always affects me more when Tom Tom is tired and grumpy, rude and obnoxious. It’s so out of character that it surprises me.  With Willy, it is just par for the course.  That is just him – emotions high and excitable one moment, flips in a switch to dark and moody.


Maybe he is tired from 3 days of rugby and late nights watching the Olympics, and his brother creeping in to his bed.  He likes his sleep.  But he also loves his brother..


Maybe he is picking up on my tension or emotion.  I hadn’t really been emotional about Mumbo for quite some time.  Happy thoughts only, acceptance of the situation, a period of calm.  But yesterday’s magic wand question stirred up a few lost feelings.


Sitting with the boys, watching the Brownlee Brothers today triumph in victory in the Olympic triathlon was so special, as was seeing Alistair slow down to watch and wait for his brother, even more so how they lay side by side and congratulated each other.  As a mother, I shed a tear or two.  I can only imagine how proud their mother must be of them.  What an incredible example to the sport, to Great Britain and to their family.


The boys must have taken it all in.  Tom’s behaviour lifted and he held my hand and stayed close as we walked through the beautiful Yorkshire cornfields, while Willy ran and ran.  And then ran some more when we got home.  On asking him why he was running so much, he answered, ‘because I need to beat Tom, I going to be the little brother who wins.’  So Willy!


And then I went blackberrying.  Willy and I got a huge stash of the first sweet, juicy black fruits… and that just made me think of Mumbo.  She was the Blackerry Queen.


And so I took the hint and ran the number my friend gave me.

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