Date Night

I am not naturally spontaneous.  In fact I like to ‘plan in spontaneity’… or that’s what I asked the Big Man to do when he asked that weekends could be left free so he could do what he liked in the moment…


But I must be getting better.  Rather than totally freaking out and giving every excuse under the sun about not being able to get organised in time – ie. find a babysitter, get the boys to bed, the fact that I had defrosted supper already… at 4pm on receipt of an email from the Big Man asking if I wanted to join him in Leeds for ‘Date Night’, I felt excited!


With my frequency on the highest level, things fell in to place, Granny got back just in time from golf to babysit, a friend who had popped in for a cup of tea offered to drive me in to Leeds, I got ready in 20 minutes, put the supper back in the fridge, left the boys with snacks and ready for bed… and jumped in to my ride!


I could get used to this new life… flying by the seat of my pants!!







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