Getting clarity

Trying to find some calm in a crazy busy day… If we got all our jobs done for going to Paris early tomorrow, I said to the boys they could choose what they wanted to do.


With last minute Paris purchases purchased, bags packed at home, we are in a trampolining frenzy.  It is noisy with music, chatting and screams… but I am calm.


I have just been flicking back through a book and my eyes caught sight of the word ‘superhero’… and I am totally attracted to superheroes currently, having moved from Super Woman antics to Wonder Woman posing.


“It’s about no longer acting like a victim (letting your circumstances control your life) and instead acting like a superhero (creating a life that has you waking up in giddy disbelief that you get to be you).”


I remember reading that a few weeks ago and underlining it… and at the same time wondering what kind of life I want to live… ?  Was I really sure what I wanted?  I read in all the books that you have to get crystal clear on that in order to move forward, to manifest it by putting out the intention that is what you really want.  What you really, really want.  I just wasn’t sure.  My vision board no longer excited me, no longer giddy in the belief that it was going to come true.


In the middle of my ‘emotional evac’ from life, I think that was part of the problem.  I didn’t know what I wanted.  But the bigger problem was that I had totally lost sense of my authentic self.  Who was I?  I was so busy trying to work out ‘who I should be’… rather than just being, well… me.


I had forgotten who I was because I was trying so hard to be someone I thought everyone else wanted me to be, the person I thought I should be, and wrapping that all up in someone I thought everyone would like … and like a lot.


Having had these last 3 weeks out of routine, throwing all the rules and regulations I live my life by out of the window… I am beginning to find me.  The childlike me.  The one who won the awards for always having a big smile on my face, being told off for giggling in the back of the class room.  The ‘content’ me.  The ‘take me as I am’ me.


As David Hamilton points out in my latest reading book, ‘The problem arises when you are so afraid of not being liked that you’ll compromise your own authenticity to be accepted…. It’s been said that you shouldn’t try to get others to like you.  If you’re yourself, the right people will come in to your life – people who love the real you’.


These last 3 weeks have taught me I am happy just being me.  I have relaxed.  And while I no longer worry so much about what people, friends and loved ones think of me, I have also been far less judgemental of others, expected less from them too.  The two go hand in hand.


Freeing myself and my mind has also helped get clarity and while away in Italy and after a few drinks (enough to loosen the shackles of limiting beliefs, enough to allow my imagination the courage to dream), as advised in so many books, I wrote down my life story as if it had happened.


Since writing it, I have read it every morning before getting up and every night before going to sleep.


I am giddy with disbelief at how exciting my life is!







I see myself waking up in a light, airy, white room with big open windows.  I am calm and relaxed, loved and in love.  I wake up smiling.


I head to our beautiful kitchen, full of light and make a hot drink and sit, meditate for a few minutes and read for 30 minutes.


My sons are beautiful and kind and loving and make beautiful laughter in the house.


The Big Man is happy and content, heading back from an early morning swim in the pool (the one he dreams about and has designed).


I am a successful, best selling author and inspirational speaker globally.


I spend my days researching, being with friends, loving my life and living in the open


I live a healthy, pure, light life.


There is laughter everywhere I go!  I am surrounded by positive people who support and love me.


I continue to work with underprivileged children and help so many young lives through giving my time and donating money from my books.


I have a thriving business with Arbonne and enjoy the culture, community and helping so many others see this business as a vehicle or a plan B so they too can live the life of their dreams.


When I received my first cheque for my book inspired by ‘the ali sandwiches’ at the end of 2016, I treat my family to a trip back to Mauritius.  We swim with the dolphins, stay up late, watch the stars, love and laugh.


I give James the entire school fee payments so we can relax financially.


And I buy him a boat!!


And I buy myself a new dress!!!


When I go on book tours, I love meeting up with old friends but I also make sure I am home for every match / event possible and all weekends to be with family.


I always love running to Rocky, pumping my arms and carrying a horse above my head.




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