Quote loving

Last night’s incredibly romantic evening wandering the cobbled alleys of a little clustering around and old fort, drinking wine over looking the lake as the sun went down behind the mountains

… Is a distant, distant memory…
With bags unpacked (ours and the boys), contents washed, a whistle stop tour to buy provisions and t-shirts for Paris and an evening of cooking and Ironning.. There was very little time for romantic whispering or tenderness.
On the plane, I sorted through my photos on my phone… And I keep all sorts of inspirational quotes. So many in fact. It’s almost as if I collect them. And I wondered why? 
As I asked the question and chose a couple of my favourites and then as I opened my book to start reading, I am beginning to realise that Jen Sincero is right… So is Rhonda Byrne… Jack Canfield and so many more.
And to quite Jen, “This. Shit. Works.”
The second paragraph I read said, “I think this is why we all like quotes so much. They remind us of wisdom we know but usually forget in our day-to-day life. Words like these give us hope and remind us of who we want to be and how we want to be.”
The Universe responded.
Ask. Believe. Receive. 
I am always going to love quotes! This one reminds me of our last night in Italy… 

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