Childlike wonder

I have often wondered what goes on in the mind of a little boy… And on an 8 hour train journey, I found out!! 
On a trip to get some books and games to keep the boys amused for the trip, both boys chose a writing pad and pens.. And after a while, willy got out his pad and started writing….
I love his completely phonetic writing … But will write in proper English!
1. To mummy and daddy thank you for taking me on holiday. I was always wanting to go here. From willy

2. To mummy and daddy I am really excited (rilee exsitid) to see the magic and I was really looking forward (lucing for wud) to see it. From willy.

3. To mummy and daddy I was wondering what they made at the restaurant because I have been in this restaurant before. From willy.

4. To mummy and daddy I wonder what (wun Der wot) my bedroom is going to look like. I wish it will look cool (cowll). From willy.

5. To mummy and daddy I wonder what it will look like under water. From willy. 

6. To mummy and daddy when we get to Disneyland and the next day can we go and see the castle (casull) because I was really desperate (desprut) to see it.

7. To mummy why do you need so many Arbonne stuff because I always see a box and I think it is my Pokemon tin but it is not then I get angry at myself.
The simplicity. 

The wonderment.

The intrigue.

The honesty.
I must re-order him a new Pokemon tin. I wonder where the original went? I wonder! 

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