Keeping calm

History was made today.The U.K. Voted to leave the EU.
I sit at the breakfast table surprised at the panic flying out from the screen of my Facebook feed and TV screen. So much so I have to turn it off…
We live in a democracy. 
The result is the result.
We can react in panic, respond to the propaganda, the frenzied whip up of negativity about the £ dropping, the possible impact on the markets, the NHS, immigration… And so much more.
Or we can choose to respond in a calm manner. And see it for what it is. Go about to our daily life and be grateful we live in a peaceful country, still part of Europe and continue to live abundantly. 
Great quotes I use to help calm my mind:
‘What you think about, you bring about’ 

‘Energy flows where your attention goes’ 
This is history. The decision has happened. Been, gone, past.
As a nation and as an individual we can determine how we write the next chapter.  
Do you want calm or panic? Prosperity or poverty?
I am going to live in the way I want this to play out… Calmly and positively.

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