No room for ugly

My gorgeous sis and I had a long chat earlier this week.  It seems that 5 months on we are both going through an ‘emotional patch’, exhaustion, tearfulness, reflection…


She was introduced to the ‘Holmes and Rahe stress scale test’.  She told me I should look it up and give it a go.


One of my closest friends also gave me a good talking to. It wasn’t quite a telling off, but the message hit home.


My business partner sent me a book.  The blurb on the back talks about ‘erroneous zones’ and patterns that act as barriers to your success and happiness.


I am listening to the signs.


I looked up the H&R stress scale test.  It explained:

“The body is a finely timed instrument that does not like surprises. Any sudden change stimuli which affects the body, or the reordering of important routines that the body become used to, can cause needless stress, throwing your whole physical being into turmoil.”


I then had to score how many times a particular event had happened over the last 12 months ranging from death of family member, a varity of marital scenarios, school changes, vacations and even Christmas!


If your score was less than 150, the likelihood of illness in the near future was 30%, between 151-299 then 50% and if over 300 then around 80%.


The first time I did it as a quick tally, I got 428.  When I did it seriously, I got 480.  My sister also in the 400’s.  My sister had had the same reaction as me ‘but other people cope, why aren’t I?’.  The coach responded to my sister that comparing is not helpful and that everyone is different.  This is your life, your score.  No one else matters.


So I took from this that a lot of sh*t has happened in the last 12 months.


My close friend was clear when she said I did too much.   That I race at 150 miles an hour and then when that has gone on for too long, I collapse in a heap.  And that it just repeats itself over and over, like I am trying to prove myself.


So I took from that I do too much.


And the opening line of the book – ‘are you plagued by guilt and worry’… Yes.  However hard I try and turn it around, there is always the underlying and often initial feeling.


So I took from that I worry too much.


I reflected on all of this and rang the one person who has always been there to listen, who I don’t feel embarrassed to cry in front of.  My Dad.  Always my Knight in Shining Armour.  We have mapped out a strategic plan.  Now all I have to do is sleep on it… worry less…. and believe that everything will be ok in the end!  Not just ok actually… Amazing!



On the other side of my worry coin…


I deleted Facebook from my phone.  I love Facebook for the happiness that everyone shares, the inspiration, the happy faces.  In the last 2 days it has just been ugly.  I have no room for ugly in my life.  It seems like everyone wants to live in a democracy but yet on my timeline, all I see are Brexit haters, name callers… and not being very democratic at all!  Shouting about it on social media, is unlikely to change anything, definitely not the result earlier this week anyway.


But I did like this photo!  I still love all my friends, regardless of how they voted…  x






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