All you need is Peace & Love

I am not sure when exactly it was, but we very rarely watch the news anymore.  I used to watch it religiously as I got dressed in the morning for work and then again over supper in the evening.  I am not sure whether it has been lack of time or just apathy – can we really trust and believe what is said or shared?  Everything seems so one-sided – especially if you start digging or asking more question to get the full story.  Everything seems so depressing.  What happened to sharing good news?!


However, having said that, the news of the last week has been unavoidable.  I get breaking news flashes on my phone… and you can’t help but see and hear conversations on the radio and social media, at work, getting a coffee.  So much unrest in France with Euro 2016… Was it hatred, fear or confusion that caused the deaths or so many in Orlando?


But I have been deeply saddened by the loss of a young, working mother, killed so brutally and violently… and disturbed by how many MP’s needed their airtime this afternoon to pay their respects.


All of it has just driven home to me the importance of gratitude.  Giving thanks daily for all the things we couldn’t live without… the things you can’t buy or replace.  Family.  Time.   Health.  Friends.  Peace.  Love.


All the things we need more of in the world.




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