A sad day

It was a sad day when I recognised that the grape was poison for me.. I love a glass of cool crisp white or rose in the sunshine… Or a dulcet smokey red by the fire. Sadly I can only have one. More than one and the impact on my head and digestion knocks me out for a day.
It is a sad day today as I recognise now that the grain is also poison. The second time in a couple of weeks and less than a handful of long clean drinks to take the edge of a busy week, but by no means enough to make me forget or fall over … And I find a second Saturday completely wasted as I curl and shiver in bed, holding a head that feels like it is in a vice. 
So no grape nor grain… 
It is a sad day. 
Sad because I will miss it and sad because I am sad because I will miss it!  But all I know is that I can’t waste any more days like this!!!
So it looks like my body will be a temple… With the exception of chocolate!!! 

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