It’s been one of those days where I have leapt from one thing to the next from 6.43am wake up until now – 10.23pm… I am so ready for bed.. But I have thoughts running through my head following listening to a new audiobook on my way home… The unthethered soul. A book I have been recommended by many but not yet gotten round to, until now. I needed a break from ruby wax’s ‘frazzled’. She was frazzling my brain. 
So at the end of chapter 2 I am just beginning to feel smug. I get the whole watcher of your thoughts… I am a witness to the voices in my head and even made them in to characters to make awareness and consciousness easier.
But as I turn into the drive, the voice on the tape says I need to reclaim my mind… I need to release the hold that they have on me and therefore my life. 
I have to reclaim my life!
Powerful stuff.
But won’t I be lonely without dear timid, frightened, protective Dobby? Won’t i falter in my purpose without Snow White cheering me on and keeping my spirits up with her singing?
Do I want to reclaim my life???
I wonder what the next chapter says…

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