Meditation for the normal

I used to think that meditation and mindfulness was or dreadlocked hippies in some mountainous commune, with ganja pipes and bongos.


What I didn’t realise is how many successful, powerful, wealthy, ‘normal’ people practice mindfulness, stillness, silence in the form of quiet meditation.


I’m still no master but I can still my mind for longer than a minute or even 5 minutes now. In fact, I did 17 minutes today!  I even had an outer body experience as I chose to do a guided healing meditation as I was feeling so tired after too much of life, fun and triathlons!


I am a much calmer me this week for making time for mindfulness than I was the angry bird of last week, with a noisy head and busy schedule.


I am no hippy, no powerhouse but I can confirm that quiet contemplation, emptying ones mind also works for the average housewife / business owner / wife & mother / employee…


I am as chilled as a cool cucumber!



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