The 3E’s..

While I was cycling away on the bike bit of the triathlon, a phrase I have heard many times was on a loop in my head…


‘The way you do anything, is how you do everything’….


It made me think of the old me.  The cynic.  The negative Norma.  The moaner, complainer and blamer.  The old me would never have considered a triathlon.


So what had changed?  My attitude. My perspective on life. My belief that I could be different, even make a difference.  My core values that I hold so close now that help guide and steer me through life’s labyrinth.


At the beginning of this year, when I was finding words, phrases and pictures for how I wanted 2016 to play out, I found a picture that said ‘Live with the 3 E’s… Energy, Enthusiasm Empathy’.  I loved it, so stuck it on my vision board for 2016 and each morning while I brush my teeth I look at those 3 words to remind myself that those are the qualities that I will live out my day with.  Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy.


So I agreed to do the triathlon because I was living with energy and enthusiasm! And when it took me over 2 hours to recover all my missing bags and gear, from locations different to where they said they would be, I reminded myself silently that I live with empathy as well as energy and enthusiasm.  So rather than live with angry energy, I lived with empathy for the organisers who had nearly 10,000 people’s kit to move around Leeds.  I may have cried when I finally reached the car as I was all out of energy and enthusiasm, but I still had empathy.


When the pain hit me on the run, I kept my mind busy on other things and started to think of other qualities that I could choose to be living by…


The 3 A’s – Live with authenticity, animation and adventure!

The 3 B’s – Be bold, brave and brilliant!

The 3 C’s – Have courage, commitment and calm.

The 3 D’s – Be dedicated, determined and a dream chaser!

The 3 G’s was one of my favourite – live with gratitude, grace and grit…



I could go on!  But I loved the simplicity of living by 3 values and applying them to every day life.








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