What the wise man said..

A very wise man told me his philosophy for life: ‘work hard, play hard and exercise’.


The same wise man also had a phrase that I remember him saying quite a bit: ‘we may not be able to afford it, but can we afford not to?’  And then we would always do whatever it is he thought we couldn’t afford….financially or time wise.


As a parent myself now, I have seen that children duplicate more of what they see in practice more than what they are told and so I guess I also live by my Dad’s (aka wise man) way of life.


In the last month or so, having come out of the grief haze, I have definitely done the work hard, play hard and exercise .. perhaps even exercised hard!


So today – I lived by the second – I threw my lists aside (lists are another thing I have inherited) and told myself although I couldn’t afford the time off, I couldn’t afford not to.  So after depositing small boys in school, I climbed back into bed, curled up under the duvet and allowed myself the one thing I don’t do that often – rest.


And ate a tube of oreo cookies.  With ice cream.  Sounds like DJ too!



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