Meditation Reprioritised

Relaxed for the first time in the last few days.  Even managed to watch over 60 minutes of Brexit debate.


Must have been the 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation I did this morning.  I was guided to a sunny rock by a stream. Heaven.


Or was it the run I went on?  I can tell that all this training is paying off as I can sprint for longer periods …


Or is it the Bowen treatment and emotional offload to my homeopathist that usually takes a 24 hour period to take effect.


Or maybe it is just that I have a fun few days ahead?  Races tomorrow (still can’t decide hat / no hat and have a pile of outfits on my bed… )… Village Gala, big party and celebration  and then my first triathlon!


Or a mix of all of the above.


But I do think it was the mindfulness.  Reprioritised to the top of the list.  Daily.




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