Karma restored

90% of my day was really good, really good!  … so why does my brain keep going to the 2 little niggles that have really p’ed me off?!


I reacted in the moment, rather than responding.


I over-reacted to a comment from my mother-in-law… who I love dearly and who I should have been more compassionate with as she had been on a long drive…


I probably over-reacted to a note left in a book bag, which was probably had good intentions but just wound me up!  Is it really my responsibility to teach my child at home before 7.30am and after 5pm when they are too tired, too hungry after a full day at school?


Why?  Why am I focussing on 2 small things rather than all the brilliant things, lovely things that happened?


Like the Mummy sandwich I just had with the boys as we had a competition who could hug the hardest?


Like the lovely long chat with a lovely friend who gave me so much encouragement in my new ventures, and so much useful, beneficial advice and gave me confidence in work and parenthood.


Like the fun conversation I had with a complete stranger this evening and a ‘joyous’ discussion with a ‘school mum’ friend this morning about how I can help grow their new businesses through working with the magazine.


Like so many of the rays of light and sparkle and unicorns that are happening in my health and wellness business…


Like the delicious meal sat with the Big Man… and the cat with his beady eye on the steaks.


Ah – there.  I feel better.  100% better.  100% good day.  Karma restored.



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