Today I had my monthly session with the lady who helps me mentally and physically with the loss of Mumbo and the significant stormy times that have happened in the last year. 
Our sessions help because I feel we are on the same wavelength. She is just many years ahead of me in her spiritual and mindfulness journey… 
We uncluttered some of my mind clutter. Threw it all out there. Had a good look.
She asked if I had taken on too much too soon?

I said I had de-prioritised Ironning. 
She asked what was next, if I was still feeling stretched….
I said I wasn’t sure it was a question of de-prioritising but re-prioritising the things that make me feel better, calmer and less anxious.  
I have been ping-ponging from one thing to the next, getting everything done ‘just in time’… But giving no time for quiet for me and my mindfulness practices. 
Bring back the daily 15 mins of Pilates and yoga. 

Bring back daily 5 minute meditation… 
Looks like the washing is going to have to go too. At least that will make the ironing pile go down!! 


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  1. Hi Ali

    Have you tried Headspace APP? I have recently been introduced to it and have found it really helpful for short mindful meditation sessions. I am a novice but it helps me fit it in anything from 2-10 mins.


    1. I have! And have spent many hours on the phone with them to get it to work! It would t load anything after the first 10 mins!!! I have been loving you tube j bittersweet…. Xxxx


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