Life is too short for ironning

There is a huge pile of ironing staring at me.

It is making me feel guilty.


I can hear the voice in my head, which I give the face of Dobby to, saying ‘you don’t have a proper corporate leadership role anymore, you should be on top of the ironing’.


I want to punch Dobby.


I have moved all the ironing in to the spare room and shut the door.  Along with Dobby.


I don’t enjoy ironing unless I can watch rubbish tv and feel relaxed doing it.  But I can’t do that at the moment as there is so much else to be done!


I am living moment to moment at the moment!  Living in each moment.  Enjoying each moment.


I am too excited about my published articles – 2 in magazines and 1 on a website promoting healthy and holistic living.


I am too excited about the healthy living and toxin awareness courses I am organising in Yorkshire on the back of watching horizon last week about the research in to Alzhiemer’s and how to treat people with early onset and even prevent for some.


I am too excited about the triathlon I am doing this weekend. Excited I am telling myself, not nervous… excited.  I am. Really.


I am too excited about going to the Races for the first time this week!  To hat or not to hat?  That is the question…. My friend, the Debretts of Yorkshire says no…. but I want to be Gigi!!!


There is too much fun to be had.  Life is for living.


Not ironing.


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