Angry Bird


An emotion that totally overwhelmed me for half of today.


I hate it when I get angry, so I get even more angry.


And in the frustration and red mist, I can’t find a way to bring myself back in to the present moment.


I sprinted really fast around the park, but I couldn’t outrun it.


I ate through a bag of almonds angrily shoving them in my mouth, handful by handful, but it made no difference.


I shouted from my gut, frightening the boys … and probably the surrounding houses, but that didn’t help either.


I turned up the music really loud in the car and shouted along, trying to distract myself.  But it just annoyed me even more.


It was only when I fell asleep in the cinema and woke up to watch an angry red bird, that I realized I was being daft.


It is a pointless emotion, unless you are trying to rescue your baby eggs from evil pigs in a stone tower in make believe land.




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