Winging it…

So I am week 4 in to my ‘new’ job at the magazine.  And I feel like I am totally ‘winging it’… I really have no idea what I am doing in terms of cold calling… Each time I ring someone new or walk into a shop, I have no idea what I am going to come up against.


Some people are just delightful and friendly, listen to what I have to say, ask questions and either want the services I offer or politely decline.


On the other end of the spectrum, there are the obviously bored and downright rude and unpleasant!


It’s a little bit like the learning curve after starting my network marketing business, doing something totally new and totally against the grain (for me anyway).  You get both ends of the spectrum there too.  Although a little more hurtful when it’s your friends that are the rude ones!  But 3 years in, I am growing a thicker skin – I have learnt to ‘care’ less..  learnto feel sorry for those missing out on what I have to offer.


Same with the magazine too.. their loss!


Ultimately, in both scenarios, I feel like I am out to help, support, offer something that I feel is beneficial to them.  With that attitude in mind, it does hurt when people are rude or tittle behind your back.


I’ve gone on a tangent.  Back to winging it.


I ‘wung’ it this morning … making new pancakes for the boys at breakfast.  Winging it went down well.


I ‘wung’ it with cold calling restaurants and places to go with kids over the summer.  Winging it didn’t go down so well… Next!


I ‘wung’ it for tea – whatever was in the fridge, cobbled together… that was fine too!  Clean plates.


I am going to wing it for my training tonight on healthly living… I know it. I live it.  I’ll wing it!


All this winging it… it’s actually quite fun!


Plus, it meant that I had a cool day.


The best bit was arriving to pick up the boys from cricket and seeing Tom being bowled at by a big lad for the last bowl of the match and the last point to win it… and him knocking it over the boundary for 6.  Man of the match..  carried off the cricket green by his teammates on their shoulders!  That’s my boy!


winging it

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