problem solving

Problems. I have always loved solving them. From the quiz books in the back of the car on long journeys to school, to the type of work I did designing and building new IT systems to replace legacy, bespoke systems.


I have learnt over the years that for every problem, there is usually a solution and the fun is to find it.


More recently, I have fun appling my solution finding expertise to my trivial little life problems…


Last week – how to walk the dog (who doesn’t like other dogs), do exercise (HIT training for my triathlon and look after kids (who just want to play football and not walk the dog)…  Solution: find a really old disused road that no one uses (no dogs), let the dog go… get the boys to kick a ball and then we all sprint after it! Genius.


Last year – I realized I couldn’t take on more than 2-3 glasses of wine without having an all day hangover that kept me in bed or in the bathroom. Couldn’t take pills for the pounding headache as they just coming back up…. Headache so bad, made me sick! Problem… I love wine and like most, like to relax with a nice drink of an evening or at the weekend. Solution: switch to vodka and tonic – a clean spirit. Headaches gone. Hangovers gone.


This morning, the problem – Mr Vodka had not been my friend. My head hurt and I could feel the tension all down my back. Maybe it wasn’t the 3 VT’s I had had the night before, but the tension of the previous day’s anger coming out?!   Either way, I needed a massage to help me rally. Solution… offer the boys £1 for 15 minutes of them walking up and down my back with their elbows or feet.


£4 later… headache gone.


problem solving


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