Finding the kingfisher within

I felt the presence of my Mumbo today.  For the first time since she died, I felt it actually quite profoundly.


Two clear messages came through today, one from a brilliant talk by Wayne Dyer and the other through a new group coaching workshop I am part of.


The first: simply… Let go.  Just let go.  Go with the flow.  Stop grasping, racing, fighting, holding on..


The Second:  the answers are inside you.  You know what is right. You know.


Previously, I have felt self conscious, embarrassed about meditation… I could never let go.  I could not release my mind, my thoughts and empty my head.  All that white noise clouded the voice within.


With practice and help I have improved…


This evening, I let go during a guided meditation.  I breathed into my tense shoulders and stiff back and softened.  I allowed myself to open my mind to the voice of the guide and just ‘go with the flow’, to see what would happen.


The guide was talking about Kingfishers and how they symbolise a time of prosperity, love, warmth and a new found peace of mind.  AS she was talking, I felt a large Kingfisher (more the size of a cat), come and perch on my shoulder.


She was light.  She was the palest of green with a firey red cap.  And all around us was white.  Even when the guide asked us to see our future, all I could see was white. And I just felt calm.


I felt calm because when the Kingfisher turned to look at me, I could see the pale green grey eyes of my Mumbo.


There were questions.  And the responses were immediate.


Question:  What do you want from me?

Answer:  protection, confidence, pride, love.


Question:  What is your purpose?

Answer:  You are living it now.  Stop searching.


Question:  How can you connect with your intuition?

Answer:  meditate, keep running, focussing on the present moment.


Question:  What do you need to let go of?

Answer:  Everything.


Question:  When and how do you need to use your dagger-like bill.

Answer:  Now.  As a stake in the ground.  Stay the course.


The Kingfisher was to offer us a gift.


The gift from my Kingfisher was an act – her huge grey green wings wrapped around my body, protecting me, soft and yet strong.  I was in the arms of my Mum.


Letting go, I was able to hear and feel what I know already to be true about myself and my future.

Letting go, I was able to feel the love and protection that I know will always be with me, even though I have felt like it had been lost.


Let go.

Go with the flow.

Look within.

Find your kingfisher.



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