The little ones and the big ones that can shape your life and your reality.  The little ones with the little voices can be just as dangerous as the big loud ones.


I find it funny that 3 years ago I had no idea how important being aware and understanding your thoughts and whispers in your mind were.


Having spent nearly 20 years looking for every little glitch, error, mistake… having played devil’s advocate to ensure we could always prepare and mitigate everything to ensure it would go right… I was always looking for the negative.


I didn’t realise how much that took a toll on my mind, my thoughts… It transferred into my every day life, looking for all the little things that weren’t right, not perfect… worrying about everything and every scenario that could go wrong so that I could plan the mitigating actions.


It will always be a work in progress, but I do feel that I have turned a huge corner and I can see that having looked back over the last 6 months and the storms I have weathered.


I choose now to believe that the best is inevitable.

I choose now to believe that everything will work out for the best, eventually.

I choose now to see the positives in every situation, regardless how hopeless.

I choose now to bat every negative, self doubting thought out of the park and replace it with a positive, empowering phrase.

I choose abundance over lack, gratitude over greed.

I choose positivity over negativity.

I choose to listen to Snow White over Dobby.



They stir up our feelings and emotions.

Our emotions influence our attitudes and therefore our behaviours.

Behaviours determine our habits and ultimately our actions.

It is our actions that take us towards our dreams, goals, happiness or away from it.


Once I had read that in many of the books I have read or listen to, over and over again….  Once I understood and saw that it was true…   Managing my thoughts became far easier….





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