Stimulating Stupid

I am doing everything I shouldn’t do given my situation.


I survived a day on 4 hours sleep.  Something that used to be a regular occurrence when Willy was going through his year of ‘failing to thrive’ and then the multiple years after when he was unlearning the bad habits of not sleeping at night time.  I got used to it then and lived in survival mode.


But when I am used to minimum of 8 hours unbroken a night… 4 definitely feels like 50% less.  The 3 am wake up was due to an excited departure of the ‘pioneers’ off to cycle Rome to Bari…  I made the mistake of waking up fully to say goodbye… and then the switch on my brain wouldn’t turn off again….


It is 11pm and I am overtired and over stimulated… and what I should be doing is drinking herbal tea, lights low and either reading or listening to my sleep meditation (which is amazing and has me floating on the ceiling)..


Instead, it is 11pm and I am in bed, writing my blog on my laptop, watching Grey’s Anatomy (guilty pleasure) and eating a crumbly flake (stupid – chocolate everywhere!).  All of which are stimulants rather than sedatives…


At least I am drinking herbal tea.  Peppermint actually.




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