The last couple of days have been pretty intense.  Adding in the new job, albeit one I chose to do and enjoy doing… is definitely time pinching!


I listened in to a brilliant training hosted by one of my business partners on leadership and she talked about the leaders attitude.  The attitude of abundance, rather than lack.   Applying that principle to the times you are feeling time pressured, with lots on, rather than feeling stressed about it, have a feeling of abundance rather than lack.  Say to yourself ‘I am in demand!’… and that has far better connotations than saying ‘I have no time!’.


I have been saying ‘I am in demand!’ a lot today!  But it felt far better than yesterday when I kept saying ‘I have no time!’…


I am in so much demand, I have to get on to the next item on my list of things to do before bed!

I love being in demand.  It makes me happy!!!


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