the many hats of a parent

There is nothing like holding a sleeping baby to make your tension drain away.  How can you feel stressed or worried when you hold someone so gorgeous and peaceful and so openly, vulnerably relaxed?


Earlier, I had been chatting to my BFF on the phone – as always a caught few minutes, both talking 100mph, over each other, but hearing every word… a quick download and pep talk with mutual admiration and respect…


Part of our conversation turned to the many hats were were wearing.  A bit like the kids story book about Hamilton who loved hats and had a hat for every occasion and experience.


We have our ‘Mummy’ hat on for cuddles, kisses, bath time and bed time, bumps and bruises, tea time and story time.


We have our ‘taxi driver’ cap on for drop off and pick up at school, parties, sports clubs and kids activities.


We have our ‘chef’ toque blanche for dreaming up innovative, healthy kids meals, snacks and smoothies as well as interesting, wholesome suppers for 2 or more..


We have our ‘gym bunny’ sweat band for the days and times we have to exercise, work out, do pilates, dog walk, run, bike ride..


We have our ‘professor’ mortar board for the days we become professors to help with home work or when we brainstorm with our colleagues or husbands at dinner.


We have our ‘glamorous guest’ fascinator or tiara for weddings, christenings, parties or sometimes funerals…. The days we get to spend with friends and chinking glasses and forgetting all other hats…


We have our ‘cleaners’ bandana for the days we blitz the house from top to bottom in a random spring clean frenzy or just clean away the breakfast bowls and put on the next load of inevitable washing…


We have our ‘secretary’ chignon to organise gifts, cards, thank you’s, invites, diary dates, dinner parties, return library books and all the odd jobs that everyone forgets about but actually take so much time to remember, note down and actually do!


We have our ‘siren’ bed hair and heels for the moments someone gets lucky!


I have even taken to recently wearing my ‘gardener’ straw hat for the time I spend keeping the flower beds and borders weed free and the planting pots vibrant with colour.


When we talked about it I didn’t realise how many hats there were hanging on my head, on so many parents’ heads…   It’s no wonder stress, exhaustion and depression are on the rise.


A rather lovely solution, I found today, was to sit in an armchair with a gorgeous, gorgeous 6 month old baby, with her little chubby arms spread wide, head thrown back, sleeping soundly.  Her peacefulness rubbed off on me and just looking at her and how still and content she was made me feel exactly the same way too.


All too quickly the moment passed and it was time for us to part and go our separate ways with our taxi driver caps on…




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