3 pictures…

It has been one crazy busy day. Really crazy busy. 

From the moment I woke at 6am to this minute as I slide into bed. It has been a toe hopping day from one thing to the next to get everything done, tri training, drop off and pick up, cooking birthday cakes, pavlova, a meal for the boys and a meal for the Big Man’s birthday…. 
As I slide into bed, after kissing my boys, I am totally in love, totally grateful for so many things… So many… But the one that made my heart sing tonight were the 3 pictures Willy wanted to show me at 9.30pm, pulling me away from our supper guests…
He couldn’t sleep so he was drawing…. He draws and drAws… There are over 100 sketches on his bedroom floor in piles according to topic… Like my writing, it must be his outlet to share what is on his mind….
The old fashioned carriages from long ago… Not sure where that has come from! 
The world and the galaxies that we have been reading about at tea time… 
And the space station… Apparently Tim Peake is there….
He is sleeping peacefully now having emptied his mind…. Just like I will now too. 



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