A message from Mumbo

It was a Sunday tidy up, jobbing kind of day today.


One of the tasks I had to do today was to sort out our spare room for my VIP guests this week – my legendary Dad and the lady who has given him his big grin back.  I am so excited to welcome them both and so making the spare room clutter free, clean and tidy was really important.


As a converted coach house, we have no attic as our upstairs rooms go right up to the rafters – I love our high ceilings and open beams… but it does mean we don’t have much space to store ski clothes, suitcases, kids drawings and school work sent home.  So the spare room has been a bit of a dumping ground.


As I found new homes for all the paraphernalia… I then came across a small pile of ‘stuff’ (the Big Man uses another word that begins with ‘s’!) that Dad must have given me when I last left home.  One was a box of letters which must have come from my Grandparents house as they were all letters from either my sister, me or my Mum to my Grandma.


On the top was a letter dated ‘Tuesday 1.6.76’, typed in blue ink, clearly from an old type writer. ‘Dear Mum,’ it read…


And then it was like my Mum came alive right in front of me.  I could hear her speaking through the written word.  I could hear her love for me as a baby so clearly.


Hearing her as she learnt how to be a Mum and hearing how much she loved being with me, watching me and taking care of me.


It was a message from beyond.  It was a message from my Mumbo from 40 years ago.

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