Tiny Tweaks…

I heard something today that I loved.. ‘It’s the tiny tweaks that lead to the biggest changes’…


I have definitely learnt that in the last couple of years having made changes to my diet, attitude, exercise, lifestyle.


Nuts and berries as snacks rather than grapes and tropical fruit, chocolate bars or crisps, protein smoothies for breakfasts rather than cereals or toast, slow releasing carbs rather than refined:  healthier, happier and flatter tummy, way more energy!


Ultra premium botanical skincare rather than the 3 for 2 on the high street:  hydrated, more youthful looking skin rather than dry, flakey and eczema prone…


Mixing up the weight training with HIIT, rather than just cardio:  fitter, leaner, stronger.


5 minutes meditation daily: mental calmness and clarity of purpose.


30 minutes reading or listening to a good book:  learning, growing, inspired to do more, be more and give more.


Focusing on one thing, in the moment:  less clumsiness, more productive, more focussed and boys far happier when I am present with them, listening with both ears and eyes.


Focussing on the positives rather than negatives, focusing on what you want, not what you don’t: a sense of peace, confidence and happiness.


Gratitude rather than attitude, abundance rather than lack:  feeling of fulfilment, contentment and satisfaction.


Swopping wine for clean spirits:  less headaches, no more full day hangover hell!


Well let’s hope so… tomorrow will be the proof!   It’s time I dress up for cocktails and date night with the Big Man for his birthday!



tiny tweaks








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