I don’t know where the weeks go sometimes! How can it be Friday again? It feels like I am still on Monday….
The Big Man is snoring next to me…. Comforting and annoying at the same time!
The boys are sweaty and drooly in their little pits…
Just me wide awake… Wondering where time went… 
I remember as a young girl in English lessons watching the hands move slowly, painfully through the minutes until the bell. I have always loved books and writing.. But taught English always felt like biology – a dissection of someone’s masterpiece. Why try to understand why they wrote what they wrote? Why not just enjoy the words and the mind pictures they evoke?
And yet in Latin or Art, why did I never notice the clock? A brilliant, engaging, slightly eccentric teacher who brought Pliny and Virgil to life from a dead language…. Or a topic, a still life or excursion that would pull me in to focussed trance as my crayons, pencils, paintbrush would fill a blank sheet of paper… 
Why is it in some cases, time stands still and in others it speeds up?
Is it enjoyment? Distraction!? Or that you are just living in every moment, loving every second (rather than waiting for the next best moment) you don’t realise they are passing. 
I didn’t realise how much I enjoyed this week! …. 

… And whoosh it was gone! 

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