Favourite bits…

My favourite bit of today was playing ‘my favourite bits of the day were…’ with the boys before sleep time.


After a high octane, busy, busy day for all of us, it is a good way for us all to reflect, calm down and share.  I love doing it!  Firstly, the boys open up and miraculously they remember what they had for lunch, what they did in class, what happened in the playground.  And secondly, they learn the art of positive thinking, of being thankful…


Tom and Willy came joint first with 16 favourite bits of the day, which was double my count of 8.


We had joint favourites of:

  • Eating freshly made ice cream
  • Singing songs in the car on the way home
  • ‘this bit’ – ie. Lying in bed and telling our stories
  • family cuddles and kisses


I learnt that Tom played water polo in swimming and scored 5 goals, did some drawing of soldiers in class and had baked potatoes for lunch.


I discovered that Willy has been climbing on the roof of the house by climbing out of the bedroom window (!!!), making friends in his class (he can’t remember their names!) and loved ball skills today.


The boys loved hearing about my day … how I loved the new toy shop in Harrogate, how I found a way to get the ice cream back from Harrogate to York for them, how much I enjoyed my 5th day in my new job… but their favourite bit is always when I say ‘this bit’… and pull them both tight and smother them with kisses!


On going to bed, it feels like we are all going to bed after having our most favourite day!


favourite day



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