Rio Carnival

Today, I had ‘fried brain’… so much going on in there it was like Rio Carnival!  So I decided to get back on my 30 day meditation challenge …


The first thing I had to do was get a load of stuff out of my head, so I emptied it onto an old envelope… plugged in my earphones and got comfortable and listened to the sugary soft voice of J Bittersweet.


I then rather shocked myself awake with a big snorty snore!


Clearly I had needed to doze off…  and the meditation had helped me relax enough to do that.  I had been in a dark room, being wrapped in golden light, feeling protected and safe…


After the rude awakening, I woke up re-energised and a clear way forward in my mind of how to tackle all the things I had scribbled on my envelope.


My mind clear.

My priority list clear for the day.


Top of my priority list for tomorrow… 5 minutes with J Bittersweet.


I love Rio Carnival … the colours, the frenzied excitement, the magic, spirit and pazazz… being caught up in the hype… but I love it even more when I can find my way through it in a calm way.  It is far less exhausting.





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