The Balloon theory…

The balloon theory.


I used an analogy today that I quite like.. It just came out of no where but believe it is something I should apply more often.


Faced with a problem, an issue, a frustration… you can focus on it.  And keep focussing on it… keep giving it attention… fanning the flames. Just like a hot air balloon, you keep pumping hot air into it and keep it airborne, keep it rising… or like any balloon, the more air you breathe into it, the bigger it gets!


So, if you want the frustration, issue, problem to go away… why not just stop giving it attention.  Stop filling it with fuel or air.  Just stop.


Let it go!


Watch it drop like a stone… or fly off whizzing in to the distance.


Problem, frustration, issue… gone.


Giving life to breathing space and far more interesting matters.  Or solutions.



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