So it is the typical time of the evening when I have my 10 minutes to write… I usually look inside my head to find something to write about… but today, I am too jittery (Big Day tomorrow..) … so I am looking around outside of me for inspiration.


Boys are ready for bed, fed, watered, washed and they are having their bed time snack and chill time.


And all 4 of us are looking at different screens.


Willy is munching on breadsticks on the floor in front of the big TV watching Kung Fu Panda through apple tv.


Tom is curled up next to me watching the Famous Five on YouTube on the old Mac Book.


James is sprawled the other side of me looking at some car website doing ‘research’ for his next car on his ipad, asking me to pass him his iphone…


And I am tapping away, wondering what to write on my beautiful new birthday present  – the slimline Mac Book Pro.


Are we the ‘Apple Family’?


We are living evidence of Steve Jobs’ legacy – his vision, dreams for apple, technology, multi functional devices for all ages a reality in our middle class home in a sleepy little village in Yorkshire.

steve jobs

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