Time travel

If I went back to meet my 25 year old self… I wonder what she would say?


I wonder what she would say if I told her I worked at a magazine, in an office in a small village in Yorkshire, wrote articles on whatever I liked and helped businesses grow their brand awareness by getting them in front of the majority of home owners in the Golden Triangle in Yorkshire… that I wrote about how much I loved gardening, weeding even.


I think my suited and booted, serious self would laugh me out of dodge!  And tell me that I was on the fast promotion track and heading for Partner by the time I was 35.


I wonder what she would say if I told her that I had my own business in health and wellness, that I helped people with their personal care needs, helped people feel good on the inside and out, taught others to do the same… that my best seller was primer, mascara and vanilla protein powder… that I used more than one hair product, even used serum and eye cream.


I think my make-up free, eczema prone skin and mousey brown un-styled haired self would ask me if I was joking!


I wonder what she would say if I told her I had 2 boys, with hair the colour of the sun and eyes as blue as the sky… and that I loved looking after, being with them, showing them how much I love them, love listening to them read… found immense satisfaction in calming their tantrums, correcting their bad behaviour…. That my favourite moment in the day is lying next to them, snuffling their hair and kissing their warm, sweaty cheeks and sleeping eyes…


I think my career driven, position chasing, recognition craving self would ask me firstly why only 2 and not 6 and also where the nanny was?


I wonder what she would say if I told her I loved reading non-ficton, self help and personal development books on mindset, leadership, spirituality, mindfulness… that I had only read one fiction novel I the last 12 months and only because I had just started a new book group?


I think my thrill seeking, thriller reading, murder mystery page turning, at least one book a week self would not understand…. Where is the escapism in that?


I wonder what she would say if I told her that the radical changes in me were causing friction and tension, misunderstanding and confusion for my family and even some friends…


I wish my future self, my 55 year old self could come back and tell me the answer to that one.



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