I have been considering obstacles…


And today I have seen them in a whole new light…


The definition of obstacle:


‘a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress’


This evening… a bottle of red wine (or maybe more, I have lost count and my fingers feel numb) could hinder or prevent my progress to writing my daily blog (#365dayblogchallenge)…


Last night… a peacefully sleeping child across the top of the stairs all curled up with cushions and duvet could have hindered and prevented my progress to get in to bed…


So my obstacles are red wine and my beautiful, angelic son.  I love both.


Ergo I love obstacles…. Or I can love obstacles.


In order to write this blog, I am not going to let the enjoyment of consuming some delicious Saint Emilion get in my way of writing my daily blog.  In fact, I am going to enjoy the process of pushing through the red wine haze and how relaxed it makes me feel, despite having to delete and rewrite quite a few words due to typos.


I am enjoying this ‘obstacle’ and I will still make progress.


And last night, I gently picked up my sleeping, dead weight obstacle, loved it, kissed it, whispered to it and gently lay it down where it was meant to be.  I was calm and peaceful..


I enjoyed that ‘obstacle’ and I definitely made it in to bed without frustration or any sense of anger.


So in considering other obstacles in my life that I feel are preventing progress… I am going to apply the principles I have learnt in the last 24 hours.


Enjoy the process of pushing through obstacles… Enjoy the journey, let them add to the experience.


Love on your obstacles… Love on them so much, speak gently to them and quietly move them out of your way… and then move on, peaceful and happy.


I love obstacles!  What an epiphany.


I think that deserves another glass of red!





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