Boring chicken

Today it was all confirmed!  I start work next Tuesday at 9am!


I am super excited because it is exactly what I cosmically ordered on being told I had to get a ‘proper job’ (apparently looking after children full time or having my own business does not count… and let’s not get started on volunteering!)…


If I was to get a job, I got my coloured pencils and a big sheet of paper and wrote down all the things that would make me want to go to ‘work’… flexible, local, within a fun, friendly environment, with nice people, the opportunity to do things I love, the opportunity to learn new things…


On Tuesday at 9am, I get to do all those things!


And while I am so excited to get started, I am feeling tense and anxious at the same time….


It may be something radically different to my previous career, but yet there are strong synergies – the technology, the move to online matches my 20 years in retailing and designing and delivering IT and multichannel systems – and growing revenue through sales is not anything different than business development in the consulting world, nor different to growing my botanical personal care and nutrition business:  find a need, offer a service or product to fill the need.


So it can’t be the job or work itself…


So maybe that excitement is also nerves because we have had so much change recently and this is just another change on top of a lot of change already.  I would just love some sameness, boredom.  I know I wouldn’t… not really.  I hate being bored.


So it must be the unknown impact that this new change is going to have on our lives, or my life in particular again.  Adding in just another ball to all the ones I am currently juggling.


I know what having too much going on can do to me, my health, the happiness of the boys.  It is why I stopped having a ‘proper job’ in the first place.


I can feel myself getting all worked up and stressed.  Especially when I get asked if we are having ‘boring chicken or exciting chicken’ for supper….. next week, we may be lucky to have any f*cking chicken at all!


There we go – told you I was getting stressed.




So I am reminding myself… my ‘proper job’ was hugely intense, high pressure, senior positions, working for lots of money, putting my neck on the line and working for sometimes wonderful people and others not so… working in good companies… and others not so.


This new work and all the work I do is FUN.


How can you not have fun singing tunes in the car and counting all the fun stuff you did in the day?

How can you not have fun learning about the planet and the stars and dinosaurs while having tea… or playing swingball til your arm hurts from missing it so many times and your tummy hurts from laughing so much?

How can you not have fun strategizing and planning and imagining the future with business partners who are considered your closest friends over a yummy deli lunch?

How can you not have fun while laughing with friends on the phone who you are trying to help with various ailments, conditions or goals?

How can you not have fun learning new things, meeting new people?


It will all be fine… even if we do have boring chicken every night.


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