Lists & Goals

Lists and goals, goals and lists…

They kind of go hand in hand!


My short term goal is to get to the rugby club fundraiser ball on Friday night on time, without feeling stressed and ripping my tights.  To do that my list contains actions to organise babysitter, buy multiple pairs of tights, choose a dress from the cupboard, organise taxis…


My long term goal is to lead a happy, balanced, stress free life while bringing up two well rounded, kind, brave, loving, brilliant young men and keep a marriage alive.


That list of actions is pages long.


It varies from things I need to remember to order from Ocado to booking camps, buying birthday presents and then to organising educational ‘Healthy Happy Hour’ workshops, not forgetting all topics for articles I want to write and then articles I want to read, youtube clips I want to watch, books I want to read… people I want to see.


The list goes on.


At the beginning of each morning, I usually write a sub-list for the day and then star absolute priorities.


As I sit here today, this evening…. My list looks the same as it did this morning!  Nothing ticked off ….  I wonder whether that makes it an unproductive day?  It doesn’t feel like it was unproductive…  but my list doesn’t demonstrate that.


Oh yes – I can tick off ‘blog’!  (How satisfying….)


Time to tick off the next one…. Except I have to get Tom from Beavers, Willy to bed… and I totally forgot to get something for our supper!  It wasn’t on my list.




I’ll use the same list tomorrow!



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