Pondering inner strength

So today, the question I have been pondering is how do you or how does one find inner strength?


How do you find the physical strength?


How does one find the mental strength?


On hearing stories of inhumane, hulk-like strength of women, men, parents in order to save the lives of their offspring… what is it that gives them the super human power to save a life?  Is it the imagination of the unthinkable, that makes them dig deep and find inner strength?


On hearing stories of endurance through intense conditions, hot or cold, what is it that gives these athletes the ability to keep going?  Is it the ability to focus the mind to ignore the blisters, the frost bite, the pain and search inside themselves to find that inner strength?


On hearing and sharing life’s personal battles, what is it that makes each one of us decide to change rather than continue to be unhappy, continue to grumble and complain? Is it because we allow reality to get so bad, that we have no other choice but to dig deep, find that strength to say ‘enough’ and be brave to make decisions and changes to make it better?


It seems that inner strength is always with us.  Just hidden or kept safe under lock and key for ’emergencies only’.


Imagine if we didn’t have to wait for unimaginable, life threatening, life testing situations in order to harness it to make us do incredible things.


Imagine that.


I came home this evening to a package in the post from Bambi.  It was the perfect answer to my ponderings of inner strength.


You can find your inner strength all the more easily when you know you have good friends and family who are there to ignite it, bolster and support it and make it even stronger.



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