Some days I wonder what on earth I will write.  Just another day on the merry go round of being a Mum getting kids to school, running a home, a business, a quick catch up and coffee with friends, finding time and ways to live a meaningful life…


And then just as I think that… as I am picking up piles of sports kit and abandoned uniform (left by the laundry bin, not in it!!!!), I overhear a conversation coming from the bathroom…


Tom:  ooooh… that is WAY too hot.  I can’t get in there…


Willy:  Yes you can Tom.  Whenever I think I can’t do something… like at a challenge or something, I tell myself ‘I CAN’… and then I do it.  Easy.  You do it.


Tom:  Ok. I’ll try.


Willy:  No Tom.  There is no such thing as trying.  Only doing.



If I die tonight, my work here is done.


Brothers who love each other, help each other, cheer each other on…


Hearing my words, duplicated in the voice of student, my child.


With gratitude and love for my boys… Amen.



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