Super satisfying Sunday

Today was a Super Satisfying Sunday…


40km cycling around the beautiful lanes of West Yorkshire early this morning

30 minutes warming up, muscle soaking in a hot salty bath

28 lavender plants snug in their new beds

27 runs scored by Tom with his new bat

25 runs scored by Willy…

20 different tennis rackets held, swung and tested by Willy before he found the right one

10 speedy minutes it took Willy to wolf down his pasta bolognaise at Jamie’s Italian

9 minute supermarket shop for pizzas and popcorn, strawberries and blueberries

8 new golf balls to keep Granny’s safe…

7 balls each bowled to test Tom’s new corky ‘air’ ball

6 new tennis balls to replace the lost ones…

5 tablecloth sized shirts ironed, mostly blue, hung up in the Big Man’s cupboard

4 bike wheels always ahead of me of the 2 friends who took me under their wings

3 bowls of popcorn and sweet treats all ready for movie night

2 blue feet, 2 green legs… still… from the bubble run!

1 big Man seen off on the train to Edinburgh…

and 1 tired Mummy ready for bed…




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