Totally released my inner child today!


Ran down hills waving my arms, trying to catch Tom and his pal Alfred…. Danced in coloured foaming bubbles and tried to keep everyone from trampling on the boys doing bubble angels… I wore a silly wig, a cap that didn’t fit, a tutu and clothes that didn’t match… and didn’t care in the slightest..


And because I loved it so much, I went back and did it again ….


The second time, I was walking with a little boy who hated to run.  He wanted to sit down on the floor.  He was gorgeous. And I wanted to carry him all the way round…


It was an interesting ‘lesson’.


He was having a tough time.  He wasn’t really enjoying it, he was tired.


So his Mum and I had to find a way to distract him, not realise he had to walk so far.  He didn’t want to talk about his favourite tv programme or his favourite food… however, on the topic of chess…. He taught us all the names of pieces (not horses or prawns!) but Knights and Pawns… there were even Kings and Queens!  He explained ‘check mate’ and how the pieces moved.


He was animated and his feet and pace picked up… and he wanted to run through the bubbles with a beam on his face!  And all of the sudden, we were at the end… and he ran through the finishing posts – a real champion.


So the lesson… while you know you have to do something, can’t quit, have to get through it… find a distraction.  Find a distraction to do, think about, talk about that you love so much that you do everything else you need to do, don’t want to do without realising.


Distract yourself and focus on the things you love, not the things you don’t.



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