Courageous Warriors

So I think I have worked out what happened.


Arbonne events are intense.  Yes, we are a proud, product led, ultra premium consumable business.


But the events are highly emotional and thought provoking.


The focus is on the main product, the best selling product, the business opportunity; the business of transforming lives.  Transforming the lives of people through health, beauty and wellness, yes… but transforming lives by educating, inspiring, coaching and mentoring people to be better people, better friends, better parents, better business owners, better leaders, better servants and courageous warriors.


And it is the courageous warriors that left me feeling emotionally drained, wrung out, squeezing out the last drops of anguish, frustration, madness and anger out through my eyes.


The men and women who shared their stories, shared experiences of hardship, disappointment, upset and devastation, also showed how they turned their setbacks in life as their biggest comebacks.  And through sharing their comebacks, they have helped so many others with their own personal setbacks, either as part of Arbonne or with the free time or income they have because of Arbonne.


What they have been through, threw up some parallels to my story but also highlighted that my story is just a tough time, getting lost in the woods, distracted by the dark and scary noises. And that there is light and a whole new peaceful world on the other side and I just have to keep going.


So, on reflection, the tears were tears of hope.  Hope and anticipation of reaching the edge of the wood.


So, on reflection, they were tears of gratitude.  Gratitude for being shown the steps and disciplines I need to keep going, to keep strong.


So, on reflection, the were tears of relief.  Relief because of my new found inner strength to keep going, regardless how long it takes me to get to the next clearing or out of the wood, regardless of how dark it gets or how scary.


And all that is left is a sense of calm.  A sense of stoicism.


I am ready to go home and face the wood, find a clearing, find the way out.







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