Getting home…

I am on the first leg of my way home…..

I simply cannot wait to get home…

I can’t wait to snuggle my Willy Mouse who has been poorly, angry at me for leaving him, refusing to speak to me on Facetime… make him giggle and love me again.

I can’t wait to press noses and faces to my happy Tom Tom and answer his million questions….  Hear all his happy chatter.

I can’t wait to throw my arms around the Big Man and thank him a million times for having my back, for picking up my ‘day job’ and looking after the boys, the house and all while he continues to put 110% in to his new job, looking after our finances, our assets and our income.

I can’t wait to get started in my new job working for a magazine and starting my new career in writing, publishing, digital, advertising…

And I can’t wait to get home to get my business back on it’s feet, back on it’s rocket ship.


Having your own business takes time and energy… and when you have neither, it can feel like a lead weight, full of guilt, procrastination and indecision.


So I am grateful… so grateful for this week.

So grateful for the time for perspective but also for all the people who have made it happen and for making it the brilliant week that it was.

So grateful for the professionalism of Arbonne to put on such a slick, stunning, mind blowing conference that makes me so proud to be part of such an organisation, a tribe on a mission to change the world one at a time.

So grateful for my friends and family out here in Vegas for making it fun, heart warming, soul soothing.

So grateful for everyone back home ferrying and feeding the boys… The Big Man, the car share pool and Granny and Grandpa…


I am getting on a plane abundant and full and ready.





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